Insight You Can Act On

Recognizing growth potential. Financial advisors know that a valuable technology platform is one that gives them the knowledge they need to identify and tap into each client’s deep reservoir of held-away accounts. Instead, many advisors are mired in paper statements, lacking reliable, timely, portfolio-wide information on held-away accounts.

Appraising informed advice. AllData Advisor aggregation gives you total portfolio insight. Insight that enhances the value of your advice and helps you stand out in a competitive market.

Turning insight into profit. AllData Advisor offers advisors a panoramic portfolio view, updated daily. The outcome? Insight you can act on to quickly identify opportunities on held-away assets, and to offer better guidance. Insight that helps you engage with clients on portfolio strategy, build trust, and bring more assets under management.


The AllData Advantage

  • Boost revenue. Best tool to raise the value of advice on held-away assets, including 401Ks, providing the opportunity to bring assets under management.
  • Increase client engagement. More informed advice leads to better portfolio management, promoting client trust and confidence, and bringing over more assets.
  • Automate for efficiency. Our aggregation process frees up advisors, giving you more time for high value client development.
  • Aggregation service support. Our consultants provide product training and support to help you learn the service and introduce it to clients.



AllData Attributes

  • Big Picture Financial View. Real-time panoramic view of each client’s entire portfolio creates opportunities in held-away accounts, helping advisors deliver superior guidance and target more assets to bring in-house.
  • Widest, Deepest Coverage. Consolidates account information from banking, investment, retirement, insurance, credit card, mortgage, and annuities – drawing from more than 12,000 sources.
  • Intelligent and Timely Data. Detailed and accurate data on investment positions and transaction information, updated daily.
  • Unsurpassed Security. Uses the same or better technology as the world’s leading financial institutions to safeguard online banking applications.
  • Complete Integration. Designed for seamless integration into the advisor desktop and the client portal. Flexible options for data delivery allow data to empower a host of advisor applications from financial planning to CRM.



Subscribing to AllData Advisor is Easy

  • Does your BD already offer AllData Advisor? Today, nearly 100 broker-dealers offer AllData Advisor to their FA’s and their clients. It may be available through Albridge Wealth Reporting, eMoney Advisor, MoneyGuidePro or another application authorized by your broker-dealer.
  • If not, here’s what you can do. If your BD does not offer AllData Avisor, or you are part of an independent RIA, AllData Advisor is available as an annual subscription.
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