Turn Insight into Profit

The opportunity is real. Advisors discover, on average, $600,000 per client in held-away assets, with the help of AllData Advisor. For broker-dealers, capturing a small percentage of those holdings would amount to an enormous revenue boost.

But knowledge gathering isn’t easy. Thwarted by a slow, manual, paper-based process, advisors lack reliable information to uncover held-away assets and know how they’re performing. The result? It’s tough to formulate valuable, and truly complete fee-based advice.

The threshold to success? Account aggregation. It allows broker-dealers to unlock the door to their clients’ complete portfolios – and their potential rewards.

Invest in insight − differentiate your firm. AllData Advisor delivers a sophisticated, panoramic, and real-time portfolio view. The outcome? Immediate insight. Advisors quickly identify opportunities in held-away assets. Insight that ultimately can bring more assets under management. Insight that equips you with a performance tool to attract top producers.


The AllData Advantage

  • Revenue. Revenue. Revenue. Provides the opportunity to generate revenue by raising the value of advice on held-away assets, including 401Ks, which often brings more assets under management.
  • Efficiency. Automates the aggregation process to free up advisors, giving them more time for high value client development.
  • Recruit & retain top-producers. Offers your advisors the best tool to raise the value of their advice, increase client engagement, and achieve greater levels of success.
  • Marketing & training support. We help drive advisor awareness, adoption, and usage via marketing and training programs.



AllData Attributes

  • Big Picture Financial View.  Real-time panoramic view of each client’s entire portfolio uncovers opportunities in held-away accounts, helping advisors deliver superior guidance and target more assets to bring in-house.
  • Widest, Deepest Coverage. Consolidates detailed account information from banking, investment, retirement, insurance, credit card, mortgage, and annuities – drawing from more than 12,000 sources. Includes balances, positions, transactions and more.
  • Intelligent and Timely Data. Detailed and accurate data on investment positions and transaction information, updated daily.
  • Unsurpassed Security. Uses the same or better technology as the world’s leading financial institutions to safeguard online banking applications.
  • Complete Integration. Designed for seamless integration into the advisor desktop and the client portals. Flexible options for information delivery allow data to empower a host of advisor applications from financial planning to CRM.