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November 16, 2009

AllData Advisor

CashEdge Inc.


Clients are tricky to keep track of – they’re always flitting off to mess up their financial lives with badly timed purchases and harebrained investments. But if you can’t nail down your clients, you can at least get a better idea of the damage they’re doing with an account aggregation tool that brings all their financial account information together in one place. CashEdge recently released a new version of its AllData Advisor aggregation tool, with a number of enhancements to make it easier to get a comprehensive damage report. The new release includes an advisor dashboard with consolidated aggregation alerts, message and summary information for accounts and clients; HTML e-mail alerts to keep you aware of issues that may affect the aggregation of client accounts; new data export capabilities; and a number of new customization options. It will prove extremely useful, at least until you’re allowed to inject GPS tracking chips directly into your clients’ necks.